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Etisalat eCam is a video surveillance service from Etisalat that enables you to secure your family and monitor all your valued assets.
By logging to your SelfCare page, you can remotely view your IP cameras using your PC, tablet or mobile.
Subscribe to Etisalat eCam and get a free wireless ADSL router.

You can choose as well one of the following eCame rate plans, if you have at least one camera from Etisalat.:
- ADSL packages per month.
512Kbps for 99 L.E.
1Mbps for 139 L.E.
2Mbps for 239 L.E.
4Mbps for 350 L.E.

- Mobile Internet packages per month:
eCam-Save More postpaid 50 gives you 500 MB for 50 L.E.
eCam-Save More postpaid 99 gives you 2 GB for 99 L.E.

Ecam Types and Prizes are as follows:
Indoor IP Camera 200HD for 749 L.E.
Indoor IP Camera 2600HD for 2299 L.E.
Outdoor IP Camera OD-325HD for 1699 L.E.
Promotion Advantages
Working mothers can remotely monitor their kids.
Busy people who spend most of the day outside home.
Persons who live in the new cities and uninhabited places.
Shop owners that need their premise to be remotely monitored.
Additional Comments
eCam Features:
Viewing your cameras remotely through the internet.
Controlling your cameras remotely.
Receiving e-mail notifications for motion detection.
Snapshots and local video recording for the monitored area.
Camera viewing is protected with username/password.
You can buy up to 8 Cameras to be used with Etisalat eCam service.
Mobile viewing quality is not guaranteed unless using supported smart phones.
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