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Since its inception in May 1998, Mobinil has strived to maintain its position as the leading Mobile service operator in Egypt. Honoring the trust of more than 30 million customers, Mobinil is committed to being the leading Mobile service provider in Egypt, providing the best quality service for our customers, the best working environment for our employees, top value for our shareholders, and proudly contributing to the development of the community.
Our shareholders, Orange and Orascom Telecom Holding are international leaders in the realm of telecommunication. Mobinil has benefited from years of experience in an international context to become the largest wireless service provider in the Middle East.
Over the past ten years, Mobinil has delivered on its promise to millions of customers, whose confidence in the reliability of our services has reinforced this solid leadership position. This confidence was reaffirmed in a recent nationwide survey by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority [NTRA], where Mobinil customers reported over 97% satisfaction rate in the products, services, and customer service levels offered during 2007.

The program grants you points against your line usage, where you can accumulate points by making chargeable calls, sending SMS's, using data services, subscribing to and using value added services.
ALO customers who have been with Mobinil for 12 months or more and their average monthly usage more than EGP100 can register to SPECIAL program. All Star customers will be automatically enrolled in SPECIAL program once their line is activated and used.

Category Lifetime in Program Average monthly usage Points per 1 L.E spent
Platinum More than 6 months More than 1000 L.E 1.5 points
Gold More than 6 months From 500 to 1000 L.E 1.2 points
Sliver More than 6 months From 125 to 500 L.E 1 point
Bronze Less than 6 months Less than 125 L.E 0.8 points

You can exchange the collected points for a gift of your choice from a wide selection of valuable gifts offered by Mobinil such as:
• Free Mobinil minutes, SMS's.
• Choose from SPECIAL gifts catalogue.
• Exchange your points for discount vouchers which can be used at any of Mobinil shops.

Other services prices
Cost Price
Mobile TV Bucket 10 L.E per 3 Hours/day
Mobile TV Pay As you Go 50 L.E per Minute
Mborsa Service Application download 2 L.E per day
MMS to any other local mobile network 95 piasters per MMS
MMS to Mobinil, email address 95 piasters per MMS
MMS to any other local mobile network 95 piasters per MMS
Ring tones, games All downloads for 4.5 L.E
Greeting cards All downloads for 3 L.E
Data browsing 1 L.E per 5 MB WEB or WAP
   5 L.E per extra MB WEB or WAP
International MMS for Postpaid
0 - 30 KB 3 L.E per MMS
31 - 100 KB 4 L.E per MMS
101 - 500 KB 7 L.E per MMS
International MMS for Prepaid & Primo 95 piasters

Mobinil Data Traveler
All postpaid customers are eligible to use Data Roaming service at 65 L.E per MB unified rate everywhere.
Usage Level Suitable Mobile Internet Package Subscription Fees Inclusive Mega Bytes Extra Usage
Occasional User Daily Internet 9.99 L.E per Day 2 MB per Day 65 L.E per MB
Light user Monthly Light 150 L.E per Month 15MB per Month 65 L.E per MB
Medium User Monthly Medium 450 L.E per Month 50MB per Month 65 L.E per MB
Heavy User Monthly Premium 800 L.E per Month 100 MB per Month 65 L.E per MB

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