Etisalat Smartphone
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Etisalat offers a new android "Etisalat Smartphone" for 699 L.E.
Smart Phone Features:
3.5 inch touch screen.
OS: Android Gingerbread 2.3.
Processor: 800 MHZ
GPS - Wifi.
Memory: Internal 512 MB + 2GB Micro SD.
Camera: 2 Mega Pixel with flash and zoom and Secondary camera available.

On "GetSmart" prepaid plan, pay 1 L.E per day and have 30 minutes to Etisalat and 10 MB mobile internet per day after which minute rate will be 19pts and extra MB rate will be 25pts.
Or get 500 MB mobile internet per month for 6 months on Greenline or GreenLine Mix 299 plans.
Or get 3000 MORE points every month for 6 months on any GreenLine Mix plans execluding GreenLine Mix 299 plan.
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