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Now you can buy Apps and games from the “BlackBerry App World” and pay for it with your credit or add it to your bill.
There is a chance to win a Blackberry device “ BlackBerry Bold 9900” or “BlackBerry Curve 9380”.
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To buy paid Apps from the BlackBerry App World:
1) Open the BlackBerry App world icon from your Blackberry phone
2) Log in with your BlackBerry ID. If you don’t have a BlackBerry ID, create a new one for free.
3) Select the App or the game you want to buy ( the price of the App should be in L.E )
NB: if the price of the game is not in L.E , then go to My Account -> Payment Options -> select “ Bill through Vodafone “
4) Click on the price of the App to start downloading
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