USB daily bundle
Plan Description
for 1 L.E per day have 20 MB browsing on 62 website including Facebook after which the spped will be downgraded to 64kbps. And 10 MB to other sites after which the extra MB is for 25 pts or use add-on.
Plan Type
Plan Fees
1 L.E.
Plan Advantages
Good for Non-regular user.
Additional Comments
Plan Constraints
How to enroll
Buy Vodafone USB online or from any Vodafone store or dealer.
Use scratch cards, charge online or use balance transfer to charge your line.
Contract Period 1 Day
Net Limit 20 MB + 10 MB
Net Extra MegaByte Cost 0.25 L.E
Net Speed 7.2 Mbps
Net Adds On 30 MB to other sites for 2 L.E. 20 MB to free sites + 80 MB to other sites for 5 L.E.
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